He was just standing around at the con and I was staring at him like, "I really know this person... who is that.. ........OMG!!!" So I stumbled over quickly before people started to notice. (Btw, no one noticed it was him)

Me: "Are.. are you Ju...Ju-ke... ARE YOU JU-KEN?!"
Ju-ken: "OH!! S.K.I.N.!! (from my shirt) Yes!! ^___^"
Me: "*Drops shit* *hands shaking as a motherfucker* o___o Can I p-p-please take a p-picture with y-y-ou?!?!?!??!"
Ju-ken: "Sure, sure! ^__^"

5 minutes later I decided this was my chance to tell Gackt how much I really love him. I found a pen and a piece of paper and wrote this:

"Dear Gackt,
Hi! My name is Caitlin. I just wanted to let you know that you're the best and I love you more than anything.

I walked over to Ju-ken. My knees were shaking and I tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hi! Can you please give this to Gackt?"
Ju-ken: "What? o__o"
Me: "Can you please give this to Gackt? ^_^"
Ju-Ken: "Ah! Gackt? Gackt? Sure!!"
Me: "Omg thank you so much!!!"

Wow.... just wow.
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